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Bathroom Stained Glass Archives - Stained Glass San Antonio

3 Bathroom Stained Glass Ideas for San Antonio Homes

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom? Consider stained glass for your San Antonio home! Read more…



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In Bathroom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Why “SIG” (Seal in Glass) Windows Are a Great Choice for Adding Leaded Glass to Your San Antonio Bathroom

On 12, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

If you’re thinking about doing some remodelling to your home to give it a more modern or updated look, SIG stained glass windows can be a great choice for your bathroom. SIG stained glass makes a beautiful addition to San Antonio homes, whether they’re contemporary in their architectural style or have a more vintage and historic look. And it also offers many practical benefits too like added safety and protection for your windows.
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In Bathroom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level Of Style With Stained Glass

On 22, May 2017 | No Comments | In Bathroom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Stained Glass In Your San Antonio Home’s Bathroom For Style & Elegance

Everybody loves a beautiful bathroom, that is probably why a well-designed bathroom and up the selling price of any home. It is a place of solitude, a place to relax and in our opinion, one of the most underrated rooms in your house. In all reality, the bathroom is a room that not only adds value to your San Antonio home but class as well. When it comes to designing a beautiful bathroom there are many ways to take it up a notch, but, as our customers will attest to, the best way to add class, style, and value to your bathroom is by having custom stained glass windows from Stained Glass San Antonio made for your bathroom. Since it is such an elegant art for and extremely functional as well, that turns any ordinary bathroom into something amazing! Every piece of stained glass we make has definite aesthetic value but there are also certain elements that can really class up your bathroom and add to the resale value of your home.

Custom Stained Glass Bathroom Elements For Style and Class

Beveled Stained Glass: Bevels are great on stained glass because they catch the light in an artistic and reflect beautiful prisms onto your bathroom walls. At Stained Glass San Antonio, we carry many wonderful beveled pieces in house and can also have intricate, custom, beveled pieces made for you too.
Frosted Stained Glass: Frosted stained glass has a very stylish look and is great for letting in natural light but still giving you all the privacy you need in a bathroom area.
Textured Stained Glass: Stained glass can be made with a variety of applied textures from lightly textured to boldly textured and obvious. Some of our former customers have requested numerous texture combinations in place of colors combos to keep their bathroom windows private and looking stylish and classy.

San Antonio’s Bathroom Stained Glass Expert

The three stained glass styles listed above are just a few suggestions as to how to use stained glass in a uniquely modern way. It is meant to guide you on how to add to the beauty and comfort to your bathroom. However, there is much more to it than that and at Glass San Antonio we have in-house designers who can help you pick from a wide array of styles and colors that will best match your current bathroom decor and elevate it into something the whole family will love. Contact us today for a free, in-home estimate and get going on the bathroom of your dream!