Stained Glass Repair Restoration

Many beautiful and historic windows have been repaired and restored over the years by Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio. While we know most stained glass companies turn away this sort of work we are happy to repair or restore anything from the wonderful historic cathedral window to the homemade piece of stained glass your mom made and gave you for Christmas.

Stained Glass Repair Restoration San AntonioNormally if a stained glass window is less than 50 years old it can be repaired simply and inexpensively. If the lead is still in good condition then it`s just a question of replacing the broken piece. For windows over 50 years old a full restoration may be required. This involves taking the panels completely apart and then saving all the glass to be reused. All the lead will be replaced and as the panel is rebuilt the old glass is reused and any broken pieces are matched for color and texture. The result is a stained glass window that will last another lifetime.

The old masters of stained glass worked entirely by hand and with glass cutters and equipment which was far inferior to what we have today. Despite these difficulties they produced stained glass of incredible beauty and at Scottish Stained Glass we feel it is our duty to preserve and protect these works of art for all time.

Our Restoration Process

As previously stated, when restoration is deemed necessary, we must completely disassemble and reconstruct the panel. For this, we take great effort to preserve as much of the original glass as possible. We’ve spent years perfecting our restoration process. Now, we complete all restorations in a series of three phases which are as follows:

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1. Preparation
We complete the vast majority of restorations in our workshop. Therefore, during the first phase of a project, we carefully remove the stained glass window that needs to be restore and prepare it for transportation. Once at our workshop, we place the window in a bath of gentle cleansing solution and clean it to remove all the build up, dirt, and grime that has accumulated over the years.

2. Repair/restoration
Next, we create a digital blueprint of the design using photography and CAD programming. This aids in us during the reconstruction process. Then, the window is taken apart, the old lead is disposed of, and the glass that is in good condition is numbered and set aside. All pieces that are severely cracked, shattered, or otherwise damaged are replaced with matching glass.

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The panel is carefully reconstructed using the previously generated blueprint and new leading. All glass pieces are positioned accordingly in place, the leading is added and the joints are soldered at the edges, and a thin black cement is forced between the glass pieces. Steel bars may also be attached as a means of creating additional reinforcement.

3. Installation
During the final phase, the glass is cleaned and then transported back to its home. We carefully reinsert the panel in the window opening and safely anchor it in place. Many times, we also add a piece of low-e safety glass over the top to protect the newly restored glass from the elements, impact, and accidental damage. We take great care to add vents if we do this, in order to ensure that heat does not build up in the airspace between the low-e glass and stained glass. The owners can now enjoy their beautiful stained glass window for another 100 years time.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like us to take a look at your stained glass windows to inspect them for signs of wear or deterioration, we would be happy to do so. You can contact us by calling us or filling out the contact form on our website. We look forward hearing from you soon!