Garden Ridge Stained Glass

Stained Glass San Antonio Brings its Stunning Custom Stained Glass to Residents of Garden Ridge TX

Garden Ridge Tx is home to the fascinating Bat Conservation International’s Bracken Bat Cave, a phenomenal tourist attraction. This San Antonio suburb is also home to a lot of residents who love decorating and showing off their homes and decorating their offices as well. We create beautiful custom stained glass windows and doors for the residents of Garden Ridge, whether for their homes, their businesses, or their churches or other houses of worship.

Residential Stained Glass for Garden Ridge Texas Homes

Texas might be famed for cowboys, but Garden Ridge homes are known for their class and good taste. We work with our Garden Ridge customers one on one, right in the comfort of their own homes. Whether they are looking for kitchen cabinet door stained glass, entryway stained glass, or bathroom stained glass (to add privacy), we custom design and handcraft each piece to their specifications and tastes. We work in a wide array of styles, from replicas of genuine antique stained glass windows to thoroughly contemporary designs and every design period in between.

Commercial Stained Glass for Garden Ridge Offices and Other Commercial Spaces

Commercial stained glass will make your business stand out and be noticed. Popular uses for commercial stained glass include doors of stores, restaurants and salons (by the way, this can also let in more light and add privacy at the same time), bar backdrops, hanging signs, even stained glass skylights and ceilings. From hotels to offices, stained glass makes a statement. We do custom designs to meet your needs.

Religious Stained Glass for Garden Ridge Texas Churches and Chapels

Stained glass is extremely popular in churches and other houses of worship across the state of Texas. Garden Ridge’s own San Fernando Cathedral has a stained glass window called The Holy Spirit window. The window is so beloved they have created pendants showing that same gorgeous design. Adding stained glass seems to add a whole other element to worshippers’ experience in a church, cathedral, chapel, or temple. We are always honored to be asked to help with religious stained glass designs and can do everything from extremely traditional scenes from the Old or New Testament to more modern and less literal religious symbology.

For older or damaged stained glass, we also offer expert repair and restoration services. We recommend customers contact us at the first sign there is something wrong with their antique stained glass, such as cracking pieces of glass, glass falling out, or the window bowing or sagging.

Custom Process

Stained Glass San Antonio uses a combination of modern methods and materials, including special CAD software to create an exact pattern for the stained glass design you have chosen. Then, the actual window is built entirely by hand, with one of our specially trained artisans cutting and assembling each piece of glass. Our installers are also experts, tailoring the installation method to the location of the stained glass window in the building, and the size and weight of it. The one comment we hear over and over from our Garden Ridge customers: “I had no idea it would be this beautiful.
custom stained glass san antonio

Custom Stained Glass Process for Garden Ridge, Texas Windows and Doors

It all starts with a no-cost appointment with one of our Austin stained glass design professionals. Once you have chosen the design, the pattern, the types and colors of glass you want, we get to work. All designs are crafted by hand, piece by piece, by our local master stained glass artisans.