New Braunfels Stained Glass

Stained Glass San Antonio Brings Stunning Custom Stained Glass Designs to New Braunfels Texas

New Braunfels is both a great place to visit and a great place to live. This Texas city is close to all the amenities, culture and shopping of San Antonio, yet it’s filled with old town charm. Residents and visitors enjoy the Gruene Historical District, Gruene Hall, and the New Braunfels Railroad Museum. They also enjoy just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the hill country in their beautifully decorated homes.

Whether you’ve been in your home for many years or are just moving in, or even having a house built, custom stained glass can give any room that wow factor New Braunfels residents are looking for.

Residential Stained Glass for New Braunfels Texas

Bathroom stained glass, entryway stained glass, kitchen stained glass, any size or shape for any room in a home. We create each stained glass window or door panel custom for each client, using the styles, designs, and types of glass they have chosen. Work with our local designers in the comfort of your own home to share your ideas, look through our hundreds of existing designs, and create the stained glass that suits your tastes and your home’s décor.

Commercial Stained Glass for New Braunfels Texas

New Braunfels shops, salons, offices, restaurants, bars, and hotels are all beautifully enhanced with custom designed and handcrafted stained glass windows or doors. We’ve created stained glass signs featuring the business’ name, stained glass skylights and ceilings, stained glass lighting and many more custom projects. Stained glass gives any business a distinctive look that patrons will admire and not soon forget.

Religious Stained Glass for New Braunfels TX Churches

Many New Braunfels churches have lovely stained glass, such as the windows in the Peter and Paul Church. Religious stained glass has a long and distinguished tradition around the world, one we honor with our own religious stained glass windows for New Braunfels churches, chapels, cathedrals, and other houses of worship. We custom design any artwork a client desires, including for home chapels and temples of all sorts.

We are also experts in the restoration of antique stained glass. With our special restoration techniques, the stained glass will look as stunning as the day it was first installed. We will reinstall your newly restored antique stained glass to ensure its longevity for another century or more.

san antonio church religious stained glass restoration

Custom Process

Our custom stained glass design process involves collaborating with our clients to create the perfect design that meets their tastes and complements the rooms where it will be installed. Once the design is finalized to the client’s approval, we use CAD software to render an exact blueprint of the pattern. Then, one of our local stained glass artisans will cut and assemble each piece of the window or door panel by hand, hand soldering the lead strips together and polishing the finished piece to a fine luster. One of our experienced stained glass installers will place it in the window, bonding it to the interior of the existing pane of glass for extra protection from the elements.

At that point, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy your windows!

Custom Stained Glass Process for New Braunfels Texas Windows and Doors

It all starts with a no-cost appointment with one of our Austin stained glass design professionals. Once you have chosen the design, the pattern, the types and colors of glass you want, we get to work. All designs are crafted by hand, piece by piece, by our local master stained glass artisans.