Austin Stained Glass

Gorgeous Custom Stained Glass for Austin Texas Homes, Offices, and Churches

Austin is a city filled with art, culture, new thought, and individuals who put their energy into everything that they do, including decorating their homes. From the University of Texas to the Formula 1’s Circuit of the Americas raceway, there is plenty to do and see in Texas’ capital city. It also happens to be filled with some gorgeous stained glass in its churches and homes.

Residential Stained Glass for Austin Texas Homes

We work one on one with Austin area homeowners and stained glass lovers, creating custom designs. Our clients choose from hundreds of patterns, hundreds of colors and types of glass to create the windows that are perfectly designed to their tastes and their homes’ décor. When it comes to Austin stained glass windows, we know that our clients are extremely creative. If you have your own style, your own designs, we can turn them into a reality. From the kitchen cabinet doors to the sidelights in your entryway, we create designs for windows or any shape or size, that can be installed in any room in your home. Residential stained glass adds value, beauty, elegance, uniqueness, and more privacy if you need it!

Commercial Stained Glass for Austin Businesses of All Types

We do custom stained glass designs. Are you interested in a stained glass window or two, a stained glass bar backdrop, a stained glass window sign featuring the name of your business, or a stained glass skylight or ceiling in a hotel or conference center? We do each window or door custom to match your tastes, your business’ décor, your building’s architecture. From Art Deco to geometric Mission Style designs, from leaded and beveled glass to brightly colored stained glass, and everything in between. Add class, distinctiveness, a jolt of unique style, and more to your commercial space with our gorgeous stained glass designs.

Religious Stained Glass for Austin Churches and other houses of worship

The gorgeous stained glass windows that grace the Congregational Church of Austin, United Church of Christ at 408 West 23rd Street are a great example of religious stained glass. We do traditional religious designs, featuring biblical scenes, saints or icons, religious symbology, or more contemporary designs.

All of our religious stained glass windows for Austin churches, cathedrals, chapels, rectories and seminaries, bible schools, temples, and any other houses of worship are custom designed to our clients’ tastes and desires.

Why not join the centuries-old tradition of religious stained glass in churches around the world by contacting us today?
We also offer full repair and restoration service to Austin area churches with antique stained glass that needs to be restored to its original beauty and glory.

san antonio church religious stained glass restoration

Custom Stained Glass Process for Austin Texas Windows and Doors

It all starts with a no-cost appointment with one of our Austin stained glass design professionals. Once you have chosen the design, the pattern, the types and colors of glass you want, we get to work. All designs are crafted by hand, piece by piece, by our local master stained glass artisans.