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Stained Glass For Homes

The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference

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The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference

At Stained Glass in San Antonio, we just do things differently.  As it were, that difference in our technique and unique approach to customer service ends up setting us apart from other stained glass studios and in fact, putting us a step ahead in quality.  It is something we refer to as– “The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference”.  A self-given title meaning higher standards and a definitively superior product offering for our clients here in San Antonio and across the country in other cities we operate in.  Read below to understand more about this commitment to excellence and why we are the stained glass studio of choice for San Antonio.

Our Signature Custom Designs At Stained Glass In San Antonio

Here at Stained Glass San Antonio, we get immense satisfaction from our wonderfully creative designs and our ability to bring them to life.  Each one is beautifully made to order each and every time. We believe that custom stained glass should be just wholly in line with our client’s vision for their home as well as with our very high standards.  Furthermore, we make sure each stained glass window blends with each house in which it is installed. Our designers work tirelessly with homeowners to fully flush out their ideas and deliver the custom stained glass masterpiece they came to us looking for.  Our designs are even reviewed 8-10 times throughout the process with our clients to make sure we get it right!

Our High-Quality Stained Glass Builds At Stained Glass San Antonio

Stained glass has been around significantly longer than we have at Stained Glass San Antonio.  But, we have really perfected the stained glass craft in this modern era. Many of our techniques have in fact come by way of our owner who, when immigrating from Scotland, took copious, traditional stained glass knowledge with him.  Things like use of dark leads, hidden solder joints, precise soldering temperatures and a unique polishing process are all age-old techniques that we employ. However, we don’t just rely on these age-old techniques. We also use the best modern techniques for planning and executing stained glass art such as Photoshop and CAD technologies.

Our Precise Installs At Stained Glass San Antonio

Installation is the key to durable, long-lasting stained glass.   We have found that this is where most of the mistakes that lead to early stained glass window decay happen.  At Stained Glass San Antonio we adhere to all traditional best practices for stained glass installation to ensure our stained glass windows are heirloom quality and made to last. We also have many of our own proprietary practices which we have developed in the last 30 years.  Add to this our commitment to excellence in customer service and you have all the elements that make up the Stained Glass San Antonio Difference!  Learn more about it in the video below.

If you are looking for the very best in stained glass windows and art in San Antonio, you truly need not look further than Stained Glass San Antonio For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today and see for yourself what the Stained Glass San Antonio Difference is all about!

How to Care for Stained Glass Windows in Your San Antonio Home

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Stained Glass Maintenance Tips And Techniques

What most people with stained glass in their home don’t realize is — stained glass windows aren’t any weaker than other regular glass windows It is just that they are harder to manufacture, more valuable and more expensive and repair and replace, when something happens to them. Also, stained glass windows are essentially artwork, which means they need the same upkeep as a piece of art. This is why it is essential to properly care for and maintain your home’s stained glass. We have compiled a few tips below to help you care for your home’s stained glass. Because with proper maintenance, well crafted stained glass from the start could last 80-100 years before needing repair.
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Mackintosh Style Stained Glass for Your San Antonio Home

Mackintosh style stained glass is unfortunately not as well known in Texas, but we think it’d make a wonderful addition to any San Antonio home. Mackintosh style stained glass was created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a famous Scottish architect and artist, born in 1868. This beautiful stained glass style often features symmetric squares or rectangles with the infamous Glasgow rose. Mackintosh style stained glass is also well known for its ability to move effortlessly from very geometric Mission style designs to free flowing Art Nouveau designs, often times combining the two.
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Entryway Stained Glass Lights New Braunfels Texas Homes

With beautiful custom entryway stained glass, New Braunfels homeowners can completely alter the look of their entryways. Stained glass adds beauty, uniqueness, and great curb appeal to a home. It tells everyone who sees it that the home’s owners are classy and have great taste.
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Hallway Stained Glass Windows

Hallway windows and other oddly placed windows can sometimes present a number of problems. You may have a window that allows a clear view into your home from neighbors or a nearby street, and while it may not always seem like a problem, privacy can sometimes become an issue in these areas.

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San Antonio Stained Glass Cabinets

Custom leaded glass windows are a versatile home décor option that offers function and form for any area. Because of the vast options that come with this type of project, leaded glass cabinet doors are a beautiful choice for homeowners across San Antonio with any design taste.

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Stained Glass Restoration San Antonio

At Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio, we are not only proud to provide the highest quality in new stained glass windows, but also the best in leaded glass restoration. We offer services to restore anything from antique stained glass to newer pieces that have broken areas, or need lead reinforcement.
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Stained Glass Bathroom Windows San Antonio

Stained glass bathroom windows can be a beautiful and functional addition to any home in San Antonio or surrounding areas. Many bathrooms have windows to allow natural light in, but when privacy becomes an issue, most homeowners choose privacy over natural light. Blinds and curtains are impractical in bathrooms though, and with the addition of leaded glass, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!
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