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Stained Glass San Antonio

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Texas’s Premier Stained Glass Artisans


Stained Glass San Antonio is proud to be the trusted stained glass studio in the San Antonio area. We specialize in customized stained glass as well as stained glass repair, restoration, and installation. Our team of local stained glass artisans excels in traditional, colorful stained glass to timeless, leaded glass and everything in between. We welcome both residential and commercial projects alongside religious stained glass restoration and creation.



Beautiful, Custom Stained Glass for San Antonio, Texas

All of our stained glass windows are custom made and individualized for each client. Our stained glass artisans can’t wait to sit down with you to bring your design ideas to fruition. From elegant privacy solutions for your home to colorful, custom signage for your business, Stained Glass San Antonio has you covered.

Learn more about custom stained glass for your San Antonio home or business.

Restore Your San Antonio Church Stained Glass to its Former Glory

Stained Glass San Antonio’s renowned restoration process can add another century to your religious stained glass’ lifespan. Generations to come will continue to be inspired and cherish these antique treasures that can be so pertinent to the worship process. Your congregation will be stunned by the luminous clarity after proper restoration.

Learn more about religious stained glass restoration for your San Antonio church or house of worship.

Elevate Your San Antonio Home’s Curb Appeal with Stained Glass

Stained glass features can improve curb appeal alongside increasing home equity. Bring natural light and privacy to any room of your home. From classic, leaded transoms to unique kitchen cabinet stained glass features, our stained glass artisans can assist you with any residential stained glass project you have in mind. With stained glass, there’s no need to sacrifice that beautiful Texas sunshine for privacy.

Learn more about residential stained glass for your San Antonio residence.

Stained Glass For All Areas Of Your San Antonio Life


Stained glass is an ancient and lovely artform that we, at Stained Glass San Antonio not only have over 25 years experience in but also happen to love. We take great pride in creating each custom stained glass masterpieces for homes, churches, and businesses right here in San Antonio and across the country. We do everything from stained glass creation, consulting, repair, restoration, and replacement for churches, chapels, mosques, and synagogues.  Contact us for more information on living your most beautiful life with stained glass!

Stained Glass For San Antonio Homes

Stained glass windows are well-known to be beautiful but they can also be quite functional as well.  They provide privacy, add character to any home’s interior or exterior and increase the resale value of a home too.   However, the great part about stained glass in your San Antonio home is it looks great anywhere!

  • Bathroom Stained Glass
  • Entryway Stained Glass
  • Transom Stained Glass
  • Kitchen Stained Glass
  • Cabinet Stained Glass
  • Family Crest Stained Glass
  • Other Stained Glass

Learn more about custom stained glass for your San Antonio home.

Stained Glass For San Antonio Churches And Chapels

Stained Glass San Antonio is one of the most renowned church stained glass artist and restoration specialist in the whole country because we care deeply about the craft.  After years in the businesses, restoring national treasures like antique stained glass church windows, we understand the role stained glass has and will continue to play in chapels across the country.  Thusly, we take great care creating new glass and restoring old glass that will last 80-100 years when properly maintained. Also, our experience extends beyond simply creating beautiful church stained glass window designs. We also have vast experience working with church committees for consensus and ideas on fundraising to support church’s restoration projects.

Learn more about religious stained glass restoration for your San Antonio church or house of worship.

Stained Glass For San Antonio Commercial Businesses

Stained glass is a very functional art form that it is perfect for commercial spaces in San Antonio.  Our stained glass is sure to beautify your business, while at the same time lending you a competitive edge. Also, stained glass windows provide a high ROI for businesses looking to add value to their commercial space.  At Stained Glass San Antonio, we are always happy to consult with any business looking to add stained glass. We not only have decades of experience, we have installed stained glass in numerous commercial areas as well.

  • Stained Glass For Restaurant, Bar & Pub Windows
  • Stained Glass For Hotel & Casino Windows
  • Stained Glass For Retail Windows
  • Stained Glass For Cruise Ships
  • Stained Glass For Spas & Salons Glass
  • Stained Glass For Country Club Glass

Learn more about stained glass for your San Antonio business



How to Create a Customized Look for Your San Antonio Home with Stained Glass San Antonio

The idea that stained glass is only for churches is a common misconception. Stained glass has actually been used for homes for quite some time. Famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene Brothers are known for using stained glass to create their beautiful designs for bungalows and craftsman homes, now which are scattered all across the Midwest and the Pacific Coast.

Stained glass has a unique ability to control the way that light enters your home. While some areas of the glass allow light to enter through freely, others partially obstruct it. In this manner, architects and designers are actually able to control where the light shines in a room and draw attention to specific architectural features.

In fact, there are many interesting and unique ways that you can enhance the look of your San Antonio home with stained glass. Below, we’ve outlined a few.

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The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference

The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference

At Stained Glass in San Antonio, we just do things differently.  As it were, that difference in our technique and unique approach to customer service ends up setting us apart from other stained glass studios and in fact, putting us a step ahead in quality.  It is something we refer to as– “The Stained Glass San Antonio Difference”.  A self-given title meaning higher standards and a definitively superior product offering for our clients here in San Antonio and across the country in other cities we operate in.  Read below to understand more about this commitment to excellence and why we are the stained glass studio of choice for San Antonio.

Our Signature Custom Designs At Stained Glass In San Antonio

Here at Stained Glass San Antonio, we get immense satisfaction from our wonderfully creative designs and our ability to bring them to life.  Each one is beautifully made to order each and every time. We believe that custom stained glass should be just wholly in line with our client’s vision for their home as well as with our very high standards.  Furthermore, we make sure each stained glass window blends with each house in which it is installed. Our designers work tirelessly with homeowners to fully flush out their ideas and deliver the custom stained glass masterpiece they came to us looking for.  Our designs are even reviewed 8-10 times throughout the process with our clients to make sure we get it right!

Our High-Quality Stained Glass Builds At Stained Glass San Antonio

Stained glass has been around significantly longer than we have at Stained Glass San Antonio.  But, we have really perfected the stained glass craft in this modern era. Many of our techniques have in fact come by way of our owner who, when immigrating from Scotland, took copious, traditional stained glass knowledge with him.  Things like use of dark leads, hidden solder joints, precise soldering temperatures and a unique polishing process are all age-old techniques that we employ. However, we don’t just rely on these age-old techniques. We also use the best modern techniques for planning and executing stained glass art such as Photoshop and CAD technologies.

Our Precise Installs At Stained Glass San Antonio

Installation is the key to durable, long-lasting stained glass.   We have found that this is where most of the mistakes that lead to early stained glass window decay happen.  At Stained Glass San Antonio we adhere to all traditional best practices for stained glass installation to ensure our stained glass windows are heirloom quality and made to last. We also have many of our own proprietary practices which we have developed in the last 30 years.  Add to this our commitment to excellence in customer service and you have all the elements that make up the Stained Glass San Antonio Difference!  Learn more about it in the video below.

If you are looking for the very best in stained glass windows and art in San Antonio, you truly need not look further than Stained Glass San Antonio For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today and see for yourself what the Stained Glass San Antonio Difference is all about!

Beautiful Ways Beveled Glass Can Add Style and Sophistication to San Antonio Homes

San Antonio homeowners are always on the search for effective privacy solutions that also promote style and sophistication. Many typical window coverings can appear tacky, unkept, and not modern– they also block natural light making your home appear unwelcoming. Beveled glass is a beautiful contemporary stained glass that adds beauty and functionality to any room in your San Antonio home. Beveled glass can compliment bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, entryways, kitchens, hallways, family rooms, dining rooms, and any area that requires better seclusion and style.
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Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your San Antonio Home with Scottish Stained Glass

In many of San Antionio's suburbs there are sidelights, bathroom, and hallway windows that let natural light to flow into your home. However with this natural light comes the ability for people to stare through your windows. Someone at your front door can see if you are home and your bathroom windows often face your neighbors. Scottish Stained Glass offers your an ideal solution, allowing your to add custom designed stained glass to your San Antonio home. Our solutions offer privacy and elegance, withouth blocking the natural light. The premier residential stained glass provider in the country, Scottish Stained Glass now operates locally in San Antonio. We come to your home or office, get a feel for your design taste and your project needs, and then design a beautiful piece of custom art work that works perfectly in your space.
We can also repair and restore older windows, bringing them back to their previous brilliance. Our specialities include restoring the art nouveau, prarie, frank llyod wright, and victorian stained glass that is often placed prominantly in older home. Whether you are looking for new or restored stained glass, you've found the right company. We live and breath stained glass and would love the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us today!