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Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My San Antonio Home Myself?

Does Your Stained Glass Need Cleaning?

The dawn of the DIY era is here. That’s right, in this day and age, almost anything can be done at home these days if you have a bit of time, a small budget and, of course, Google. Stained glass cleaning is no different and there are a lot of articles out there about how to clean your stained glass yourself. But, it is hard to know which one to trust. As stained glass professionals, we suggest you take all of them with a grain of salt. Whether or not you should clean your own stained glass really comes down to two things:
a. Exactly what needs to be done
b. Whether or not doing it yourself is good for your health and the health of your stained glass.

To find out when to clean your stained glass yourself and when to hire a professional, like Stained Glass San Antonio, read on!

When And How To Clean Stained Glass Yourself

Stained glass is a very strong material, but, you really need to be careful when touching it or cleaning it. If your goal is just to get rid of some dust on your stained glass, then using a chemical-free duster and lightly sweeping away dust is fine. If your stained glass needs a bit more cleaning, you can use a simple dish soap and water to get rid of light grime. Be sure you are in a strong position, not on a ladder or windowsill, so you don’t fall into the glass and break it or hurt yourself. You clean stained glass by gently rubbing each pane of glass from the inside out with an upward, gentle, scoop-like motion. BE CAREFUL though and never scrub the glass. You likely want to go back through each piece with a wet soapless cloth to “rinse” any residue left on the glass from cleaning too.

When Not To Clean Your Stained Glass Yourself

Like we mentioned before, stained glass can hold up fairly well but, caution is integral if you want your stained glass to have a long life. We feel, the best idea for stained glass cleaning is really, to just call a professional like Stained Glass San Antonio. Below are some reasons you absolutely need to call a professional.
-Your stained glass is more than 50 years old
-Your stained glass shows any signs of sagging, cracks, gaps or other disrepair
-Your stained glass does not come clean with soap and water. *Remember, the chemicals it takes to get rid of extremely tarnished stained glass can be very harmful to you or your family
-Your stained glass is up high or in a hard to reach area
-Your stained glass is visibly very tarnished–soap and water simply won’t work on layers of caked on grime

If you are ready to get your stained glass looking bright and new again but don’t want to deal with the hassle and inherent danger of cleaning it yourself, remember, there are experts to do it for you. Keep in mind also that a simple cleaning is much less expensive than an extensive repair should you damage your stained glass doing it yourself. Contact Stained Glass San Antonio today for a free stained glass cleaning estimate!

5 Creative Ways to Add Prairie Stained Glass to Your San Antonio Home

While there are many types of stained glass out there, there are few as famous as Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style designs. There’s something about the thick, clean lines of leading and warm earth tones that makes prairie style stained glass so unique and alluring. And it can also make a beautiful addition to your home. Below, we’ll discuss a few different ideas for including prairie style stained glass in your San Antonio home.
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Del Rio Church Stained Glass Restoration

As the art of glassmaking has evolved, so have the methods for producing stained glass windows. Modern glassmakers have found that certain techniques or materials help make stained glass last longer than those that were once used in the past. For example, while it used to be thought that placing plexiglass over a stained glass panel would protect it, modern glassmakers have found that this actually causes deterioration due to the buildup of excess heat. This techniques are now outdated and are no longer used by today’s stained glass studios. However, there are still many historic buildings whose stained glass has begun to suffer due to these technical flaws.
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Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your San Antonio Home with Scottish Stained Glass

In many of San Antionio's suburbs there are sidelights, bathroom, and hallway windows that let natural light to flow into your home. However with this natural light comes the ability for people to stare through your windows. Someone at your front door can see if you are home and your bathroom windows often face your neighbors. Scottish Stained Glass offers your an ideal solution, allowing your to add custom designed stained glass to your San Antonio home. Our solutions offer privacy and elegance, withouth blocking the natural light. The premier residential stained glass provider in the country, Scottish Stained Glass now operates locally in San Antonio. We come to your home or office, get a feel for your design taste and your project needs, and then design a beautiful piece of custom art work that works perfectly in your space.
We can also repair and restore older windows, bringing them back to their previous brilliance. Our specialities include restoring the art nouveau, prarie, frank llyod wright, and victorian stained glass that is often placed prominantly in older home. Whether you are looking for new or restored stained glass, you've found the right company. We live and breath stained glass and would love the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us today!