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Texas’ Premier Stained Glass Artisans


Stained Glass San Antonio is proud to be the trusted stained glass studio in the San Antonio area. We specialize in customized stained glass as well as stained glass repair, restoration, and installation. Our team of local stained glass artisans excels in traditional, colorful stained glass to timeless, leaded glass and everything in between. We welcome both residential and commercial projects alongside religious stained glass restoration and creation.



Beautiful, Custom Stained Glass for San Antonio, Texas

All of our stained glass windows are custom made and individualized for each client. Our stained glass artisans can’t wait to sit down with you to bring your design ideas to fruition. From elegant privacy solutions for your home to colorful, custom signage for your business, Stained Glass San Antonio has you covered.

Learn more about custom stained glass for your San Antonio home or business.

Restore Your San Antonio Church Stained Glass to its Former Glory

Stained Glass San Antonio’s renowned restoration process can add another century to your religious stained glass’ lifespan. Generations to come will continue to be inspired and cherish these antique treasures that can be so pertinent to the worship process. Your congregation will be stunned by the luminous clarity after proper restoration.

Learn more about religious stained glass restoration for your San Antonio church or house of worship.

Elevate Your San Antonio Home’s Curb Appeal with Stained Glass

Stained glass features can improve curb appeal alongside increasing home equity. Bring natural light and privacy to any room of your home. From classic, leaded transoms to unique kitchen cabinet stained glass features, our stained glass artisans can assist you with any residential stained glass project you have in mind. With stained glass, there’s no need to sacrifice that beautiful Texas sunshine for privacy.

Learn more about residential stained glass for your San Antonio residence.

Stained Glass For All Areas Of Your Life


Stained glass is an ancient and lovely artform that we, at Stained Glass San Antonio not only have over 25 years experience in but also happen to love. We take great pride in creating each custom stained glass masterpieces for homes, churches, and businesses right here in San Antonio and across the country. We do everything from stained glass creation to consulting, repair, restoration, and replacement for churches, chapels, mosques, and synagogues.  Contact us for more information on living your most beautiful life with stained glass!

Stained Glass For San Antonio Homes

Stained glass windows are well-known to be beautiful but they can also be quite functional as well.  They provide privacy, add character to any home’s interior or exterior and increase the resale value of a home too.   However, the great part about stained glass in your San Antonio home is it looks great anywhere!

  • Bathroom Stained Glass
  • Entryway Stained Glass
  • Transom Stained Glass
  • Kitchen Stained Glass
  • Cabinet Stained Glass
  • Family Crest Stained Glass
  • Other Stained Glass

Learn more about custom stained glass for your San Antonio home.

Stained Glass For San Antonio Churches And Chapels

Stained Glass San Antonio is one of the most renowned church stained glass artist and restoration specialist in the whole country because we care deeply about the craft.  After years in the businesses, restoring national treasures like antique stained glass church windows, we understand the role stained glass has and will continue to play in chapels across the country.  Thusly, we take great care creating new glass and restoring old glass that will last 80-100 years when properly maintained. Also, our experience extends beyond simply creating beautiful church stained glass window designs. We also have vast experience working with church committees for consensus and ideas on fundraising to support church’s restoration projects.

Learn more about religious stained glass restoration for your San Antonio church or house of worship.

Stained Glass For San Antonio Commercial Businesses

Stained glass is a very functional art form that it is perfect for commercial spaces in San Antonio.  Our stained glass is sure to beautify your business, while at the same time lending you a competitive edge. Also, stained glass windows provide a high ROI for businesses looking to add value to their commercial space.  At Stained Glass San Antonio, we are always happy to consult with any business looking to add stained glass. We not only have decades of experience, we have installed stained glass in numerous commercial areas as well.

  • Stained Glass For Restaurant, Bar & Pub Windows
  • Stained Glass For Hotel & Casino Windows
  • Stained Glass For Retail Windows
  • Stained Glass For Cruise Ships
  • Stained Glass For Spas & Salons Glass
  • Stained Glass For Country Club Glass

Learn more about stained glass for your San Antonio business



Stained Glass Restoration in Tulsa for the Vernon A.M.E. Church

Part of our mission here at Stained Glass San Antonio is to preserve the ancient art form that we hold so dear to our hearts. Our company’s roots reach back to Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Our owner, Martin, is from Glasgow and has his very own collection of antique stained glass. Stained glass windows are becoming increasingly rare, and we see their preservation as a matter of upmost important.

That’s why when we get the opportunity to work on a restoration project for particularly old or historic stained glass windows, it’s very exciting to us. Just recently, such an opportunity came our way when the members of the historic Vernon A.M.E. Church in Tulsa asked us to be part of the restoration of their antique stained glass windows.

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Our Latest Portfolio Stained Glass Project: Sam Houston State University

Here at Stained Glass San Antonio, we are part of a parent company called Scottish Stained Glass. We love this because it gives us a chance to be a part of absolutely amazing restorations, repairs, replacements, and even recreations. A recent project we were part of was an amazing stained glass window recreation at Sam Houston State University. It was one of our company’s most ingenious projects. One that breathed new life into a school campus and brought back something they once cherished–their stained glass window. One of the best parts about this masterpiece was recreating a window of old using nothing more than a single picture.

Replicating Sam Houston State’s Historic Stained Glass Window

The Lone Star State is full of schools. Almost none older than Sam Houston State University founded in 1879. The campus is beautiful today but the original campus was made up of lovely arched bricked structures. One such structure had a stunning stained glass window as a prominent feature. This window was a school icon and a point of pride, For nearly a century this window stood tall and aged gracefully with the campus. Sadly, in 1982 it was destroyed in a fire. Recently, SHSU decided to have the lovely window recreated to commemorate their school motto “The measure of a Life is its Service ”. They came to the Scottish Group because we are one of the most prolific stained glass studios in the country and we are so glad they did. We took the restoration journey with them as we navigated some of the challenges recreating stained glass window presents.

The First Challenge of Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

Probably the most difficult, but exciting, parts of replicating this stained glass window was–the window no longer existed. You see, the fire completely destroyed it. Furthermore, there were almost no historical records of this window either. The only thing we had to work off of was one picture from 1962 discovered in an old yearbook, Starting from a single color photo as our only guidance we did what we do best–create something beautiful.

Modern Technology for Restoring Stained Glass

We knew we needed modern technology to do this window. We use a blend of old and new techniques all the time when restoring stained glass windows so this was not new to us. First, we scanned the picture into the computer. From there we were able to print out a full-sized version. We carefully traced the lines from this printout and then put it back into our CAD program to resize it again. The school requested a window twice the size. The process was long and hard but definitely, the right way to honor the look of the original world because the time and effort, aided by technology, paid off in accuracy!

Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

The next major issue was finding the same materials that were used in 1879. That was over -100 years ago so many of the color formulas have been lost to time and many of the glass materials were no longer being manufactured. We knew finding a proper match would be impossible so we would have to improvise. We started out using one of our top conservation specialists to help us find colors that were as close to the originals as we could get. In our mind, close was not enough. So, we next turned to our crew of talented stained glass painting artists. We employed them to apply additional layers on top of the hues that were almost right to make them an exact match.


The Results of the Recreated Commemorative Stained Glass Window

Our work took us about a full year–not uncommon with very large or detailed stained glass artwork restorations. The SHSU window required extensive layering to get the shadow and depth right–about ten in all. Also, this window involved the use of a staggering 3,000- 4,000 individual pieces of glass. Aesthetically speaking, the window came out stunning. Down to the last detail, it looks exactly like the original stained glass masterpiece. In fact, it has once again become the pride and joy of campus. The entire university–from staff to students–was incredibly excited by the look of the new piece on their campus, just delighted by a replication that was so beautiful. Furthermore, the entire Scottish Stained Glass family was happy too! We take great pride in our stained glass restoration and recreation projects. We feel like giving them our all is our way of giving respect to the artwork of old and preserving it for generations to come.

If you have a stained glass restoration or rebuild project we would love to speak to you about it too! Contact us at Stained Glass San Antonio today for a free consultation.

3 Reasons to Restore Your San Antonio Church’s Stained Glass

Churches throughout the nation have some of the most gorgeous historic stained glass pieces. This is especially true when it comes to these older, historic churches that have timeless pieces. However, stained glass will always require some intervention in order to properly preserve its condition and integrity. Once congregations begin to see the different signs of deterioration, it is crucial to start the restoration process. Here are three reasons why you should restore your San Antonio church’s stained glass.

The Benefits of Church Stained Glass Restoration In San Antonio

  1. Restored antique value: The difference in the value of your stained glass unrestored versus restored is substantial. Restoring your glass provides the full antique value while boosting the overall property value of your church. Leaving it unrestored will continue to allow it to depreciate.
  2. Cost-effective alternative to replacement: While restoration is a considerable financial investment, it is more cost-effective than replacement. Especially if you’re proactive with this process, restoration is typically less expensive the sooner it is achieved.
  3. Proper preservation for future generations: In order to ensure future generations in your congregation and community can continue to enjoy your stained glass features, proper preservation is needed. Stained glass restoration is the only way to conserve your treasured windows and bring them back to their former glory. You can experience at least another century of lifespan after a proper restoration.

Work With San Antonio’s Number One Church Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Stained Glass San Antonio is honored to be the number one church stained glass restoration studio serving the state of Texas. Our team is comprised of conservation specialists, painted glass artists, structural engineers, and master stained glass artisans. We would love to help you ensure your treasured stained glass remains in the best condition possible. For more information regarding stained glass restoration, please contact us!

Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your San Antonio Home with Scottish Stained Glass

In many of San Antionio's suburbs there are sidelights, bathroom, and hallway windows that let natural light to flow into your home. However with this natural light comes the ability for people to stare through your windows. Someone at your front door can see if you are home and your bathroom windows often face your neighbors. Scottish Stained Glass offers your an ideal solution, allowing your to add custom designed stained glass to your San Antonio home. Our solutions offer privacy and elegance, withouth blocking the natural light. The premier residential stained glass provider in the country, Scottish Stained Glass now operates locally in San Antonio. We come to your home or office, get a feel for your design taste and your project needs, and then design a beautiful piece of custom art work that works perfectly in your space.
We can also repair and restore older windows, bringing them back to their previous brilliance. Our specialities include restoring the art nouveau, prarie, frank llyod wright, and victorian stained glass that is often placed prominantly in older home. Whether you are looking for new or restored stained glass, you've found the right company. We live and breath stained glass and would love the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us today!