Custom Stained Glass

High Quality Stained Glass

San Antonio Stained Glass produces the highest quality stained glass windows in the United States, having produced more than 40,000 windows form more than 12,000 clients in the past 20 years, all locally in the US.

Carrying on the Legacy of Scotland's Glass Design Tradition

Humans have been building stained glass windows for more than 400 years, and for a period of this time, Scotland was the epicenter of glass design and technology. In the centuries since, Scotland has continued this tradition by handing down specialized techniques. San Antonio Stained Glass is a child of the “Scottish Stained Glass Tradition”.

Merging Tradition and Innovation in the United States"

Our traditional method was brought to the United States by Martin Faith who grew up in Glasgow learning the many glass secrets its artisans had to offer. Enhancing this traditional method with the use of darkened lead, solder joints that are hidden from view, a proprietary polishing process, and a use of computer enhanced design processes, Scottish Stained Glass is today a produce in a class of its own. Check out these beautiful photos to see the quality.

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