Universal City Stained Glass

Stained Glass San Antonio Custom Designs Gorgeous Stained Glass for Universal City Residents

Universal City, Tx, has a great mix of cultures and a lot of local pride, especially for the military stationed at Randolph Air Force Base. When residents look to decorate their homes, they want to express their personalities, make their homes as lovely as possible, and add a unique stamp. That’s where we come in.

We create custom designed and hand crafted stained glass windows and doors for Universal City’s homes, businesses, and churches. We offer personalized service, custom stained glass designs, and talented craftsmen to build and install your stained glass windows, doors, lighting, or hanging panels.

Universal City TX Residential Stained Glass

Universal City residents like stained glass in their homes’ entryways to add distinctiveness and uniqueness, to show off their style, to add value and privacy to this all important area of a home. We come to your home to collaborate on the stained glass styles, designs, patterns, types and colors of glass. Whether you are looking for stained glass windows or doors in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or any other area of your home, we can create designs that will complement your décor and your home’s overall period and style.

For residential stained glass, most of our Universal City clients prefer our leaded and beveled stained glass windows, which add privacy, let in light, and being colorless, match with any existing color scheme.

The styles range from the traditional to the modern, as each client prefers.

Universal City TX Commercial Stained Glass

We do custom stained glass windows, doors, French doors, signs, partitions, skylights, hanging panels, even ceilings for Universal City’s businesses and offices spaces. Our designs can be customized any way a client prefers. Our work is installed in restaurants and bars, shops and salons, hotels and offices across the country.

Universal City TX Religious Stained Glass

Universal City is filled with churches of all denominations. Here at Stained Glass San Antonio, we are honored to offer custom designed religious stained glass windows that join any house of worship with the incredible tradition of stained glass art that stretches back to the Middle Ages.

Some churches already have gorgeous stained glass, such as the windows in nearby St. Pius X Catholic Church on Urban Crest Dr. in San Antonio. For churches under construction or churches looking to add stained glass, we meet with you and develop the artwork for the windows. It can be of the traditional religious type, featuring saints and icons and all sorts of religious symbology, depictions and renderings of scenes from the Old or New Testament, or any other type of design. These days, many churches are opting for a more contemporary look with their stained glass windows. Whatever designs are chosen, we build them with the utmost care, respect, and attention to detail and quality.

We are also available to do stained glass repairs and full restorations of antique windows or damaged stained glass windows or doors.

Custom Stained Glass Process for Universal City Windows and Doors

It all starts with a no-cost appointment with one of our Austin stained glass design professionals. Once you have chosen the design, the pattern, the types and colors of glass you want, we get to work. All designs are crafted by hand, piece by piece, by our local master stained glass artisans.