Stained Glass San Antonio’s Project for the Battle Creek Tabernacle

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Stained Glass San Antonio’s Project for the Battle Creek Tabernacle

In the heart of Battle Creek, Michigan, the Battle Creek Tabernacle stands as a testament to an enduring legacy of faith. With roots tracing back to the mid-19th century, this cherished church recently embarked on a transformative journey. The congregation joined hands with Stained Glass San Antonio to craft exquisite stained glass windows, culminating in a harmonious blend of heritage and artistic ingenuity.
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A Testament to Faith & History

The Battle Creek Tabernacle encapsulates the essence of faith’s enduring journey. Over time, this sacred place evolved from humble wooden structures to its current, more modern incarnation. In 2023, the congregation embarked on a mission to celebrate its rich heritage while enhancing the church’s interior aesthetics. For this ambitious project, they turned to Stained Glass San Antonio.

Creating the Exquisite Stained Glass

The transformation of the church’s interior into a radiant work of art was a true collaborative effort, and it required creativity from every angle.

san antoniio stained glass desig battle creek
design featuring “The Rescue” by Nathan Greene

Design and Artistry

The church selected the captivating painting “The Rescue” by the esteemed artist Nathan Greene as the foundation for their stained glass masterpiece. Translating the intricate details and hues of the original painting into stained glass was a task that called for a creative vision. The artisans at Stained Glass San Antonio embraced the challenge, considering how each color would come alive when kissed by natural light.
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Structural Considerations

Preserving the structural integrity of the church was a top priority. A custom metal frame was meticulously designed to provide structural support for the massive stained glass window. The frame was not just a structural element but an integral part of the artistic composition. It was designed with an artistic touch to match the existing stained glass windows in the church, blending seamlessly with the historic aesthetics.

battle creek tabernacle exterior

To evenly distribute the weight and support the massive window, an ingenious anchoring system using steel plates was devised. These plates were strategically added to the exterior of the church, providing substantial support for the metal framing and stained glass. The plates were carefully painted to match the existing brick, preserving the church’s historical charm.
led backlit stained glass san antonio

Backlit Lighting

One of the most creative aspects of this project was the decision to use a backlit installation instead of cutting out a new window. The church’s nearly century-old history and architectural significance made alterations to the exterior structure unfeasible. The challenge was to achieve the luminous effect of natural light streaming through the stained glass.

Stained Glass San Antonio collaborated with an onsite electrician to illuminate the artwork creatively. We chose a backlit lighting system to bring out the radiant colors and intricate details. The creative approach mimicked the beauty of sunlight streaming through stained glass. It was a solution that not only preserved the church’s original structure but added a touch of innovative artistry.
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Concealed Wiring

The onsite electrician played a pivotal role in ensuring the wiring was hidden seamlessly, leaving the church’s interior aesthetics untouched. They ingeniously concealed the wiring by discreetly drilling a hole through the wall and connecting the wires to the LED panels.

To maintain a pristine aesthetic, a conduit was carefully routed around the exterior of the building. This conduit discreetly led the wires into a control room, ensuring that they remained out of sight. The wires were hidden cleverly, preserving the church’s historical charm and enhancing its artistic appeal.
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An Enduring Legacy of Beauty & Devotion

The result of this collaborative, creative effort is nothing short of breathtaking. The once unadorned wall of the Battle Creek Tabernacle now stands as a radiant work of art. The delicate colors beautifully illuminate the intricate details, paying homage to the church’s rich history.

san antonio church stained glass battle creek

Stained Glass San Antonio, in collaboration with the Battle Creek Tabernacle, has left an indelible mark on this cherished place of worship. The stained glass window serves as an enduring symbol of faith, history, and artistic ingenuity, destined to inspire generations. It stands as a testament to the timeless power of stained glass.

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In the heart of Battle Creek, this stained glass masterpiece embodies the essence of the Battle Creek Tabernacle’s rich history and the enduring allure of artistic expression, ensuring that the church remains a timeless symbol of faith and dedication.

Martin Faith is a stained glass artisan from Glasgow and a collector of rare and antique stained glass windows. Martin has spent over 30 years perfecting his skills as a glassmaker and is well-versed in both traditional and modern techniques, as well as a range of stained glass styles, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Prairie, Mission, and beveled glass. Shortly after moving to the United States, Martin started his own business selling stained glass windows. Stained Glass San Antonio has produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows and successfully completed hundreds of religious glass restoration projects for churches.

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