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Tips for Your San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration Project

Does your church have antique or very old stained glass windows? If so, what condition are they in? Your stained glass could be overdue for maintenance! Stained glass needs to be assessed and cleaned by a professional once every few decades, and in some cases, sooner. If the windows are very old or damaged, they may need to be repaired. Here are some tips that can help your San Antonio church prepare for your stained glass restoration project.

Preparing for Church Stained Glass Restoration: Tips & Advice

Restoring stained glass is an extremely delicate and time consuming process. However, there are steps you can take to expedite things and make sure they go smoothly. Here are some tips that can help your church prepare for stained glass restoration.

1. Have your stained glass appraised.
Don’t assume that your stained glass is worthless just because it’s damaged. You could be throwing out a very valuable work of art!

2. Gather important documents beforehand.
Locate important documents, files, and articles. Documents from the manufacturer, certificates of authenticity, or any articles that explain the history of the stained glass are always useful and helpful to have during the restoration process.

3. Hold a fundraiser to pay for the cost.
Church members, local businesses, and institutions may be willing to support your cause. Consider holding a fundraiser to raise money for the repairs.

4. Do a quick examination to determine the condition of the stained glass.
Check for safety concerns like loose pieces of glass or leading. You can do a quick examination by standing beneath the windows and gazing upward, searching for signs of wear.

5. Work with a studio you can trust.
Church stained glass restoration is an intense process that requires certain skills. It should only be performed by a highly qualified professional. Choose a studio you can trust who has extensive experience in performing this kind of work.

Learn more about the process for stained glass restoration here: Religious_Stained_Glass_Restoration

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