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Custom Stained Glass

Retail Redesign Inspiration for San Antonio Stores: Stained Glass for Alter’d State

On 03, Jun 2019 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By sgsaadmin

In the retail industry, getting customers to walk into your store is half the battle. Glass windows and displays provide a unique opportunity to heighten the ambiance of a store and get the attention of people walking by. By replacing flat glass sections with stained or leaded glass, San Antonio retail owners can use light and color to lure customers into their store and create a unique shopping experience.

Just recently, our company had the opportunity to do exactly this and work with Altar’d State, a nationally renowned retailer on a renovation project for one of their store locations. If you’re thinking about redesigning your store, you should definitely check out the work we did here!

san antonio retail stained glass

Using Retail Stained Glass to Create a One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience

When we heard that Altar’d State was in need of the assistance of a stained glass company, we were thrilled. Altar’d State is an amazing business and does a lot to give back to the community. Company employees receive four hours of paid work to volunteer each month doing something for the local community. The company also sponsors 175 children in Peru that are in need of nutritional, educational, and psychological support. Naturally, we were honored when we were chosen as the vendor who create the stained glass for their new store location.

We worked round the clock to complete this project in a very short time period. Additionally, we also worked hard to ensure that the commercial stained glass would accurately reflect the company’s brand and products. Altar’d State sells such unique clothing and we wanted the stained glass to convey this attribute of the company.

In the end, we created over 400 sq ft of custom leaded glass. This included sections that would be used to enhance the storefront, create privacy for the dressing rooms, and decorative pieces as well. The leaded glass had a contemporary, ethereal look to it, making it appropriate for the faith-based business.

We couldn’t have been happier with the results of this project. We are always honored to work with other local businesses and create something beautiful that helps their company thrive and succeed.

Get Your Own Stained Glass

If you are retail business owner in San Antonio that’s interested in stained glass, we would love to hear from you. Call today to get your very own custom retail stained glass window in San Antonio.