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What Is Scottish Stained Glass?: The History of San Antonio’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass

On 24, Jun 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By sgsaadmin

At Stained Glass San Antonio, we often receive questions about the name of our parent company, Scottish Stained Glass. When inquiring about our stained glass windows, people want to know what exactly is Scottish Stained Glass? To answer this question, we’ll share a little bit of information about our company and our manufacturing process.

Scottish Stained Glass: A Brief History

Scottish Stained Glass was founded in 1989 by Martin Faith. Martin grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, where he was taught how to make stained glass windows by his father. Together, they spent hours creating beautiful stained glass windows and experimenting with their process.

The tradition of glassmaking had been in Martin’s family for decades. The very same techniques that he was taught by his father had been used by his ancestors. However, after some time, Martin and his father began to experiment with new ways to perfect their process. Martin’s father had a background as an engineer and was very interested in the mathematical aspect of their work. They discovered that by applying modern methods, they were able to take better measurements and improve the quality of their stained glass windows.

When Martin moved to the United States, he decided to start his own stained glass company. Using the same methods he and his father had developed, he began making stained glass windows for local churches, businesses, and homes. Today, Scottish Stained Glass is the largest and most well known stained glass studio in the country.

What Makes Scottish Stained Glass Different?

Scottish Stained Glass is different than any other stained glass for a few reasons. For one, the quality of our windows is superior due to our unique manufacturing process. We use CAD programming and digital imaging software to ensure that all of our work is accurate and precise. Additionally, that all of our stained glass is made custom to order, and is handcrafted by local artisans based in the United States. As San Antonio’s premier stained glass studio, our work is renowned for its exceptional quality and beauty.

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