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Stained Glass Entryways San Antonio

Entryways are one of our most popular applications of stained glass, and with good reason! Stained glass entryways San Antonio can add a personal and beautiful touch to the front of your home, and you’ll be able to express your personal style in a stunning application through our glasswork.

Choosing Stained Glass Entryways

There are several steps that we take to ensure that every client ends up with an entryway that they love, whether you’re looking for a full entryway remodel, or just glass for your door, sidelights, transom, or all three. Our time tested process has proven itself with our thousands of clients; here are the steps we take:

In-home consultation: The first step is to make an appointment for an in-home consultation with someone from our design team. Your designer will take the time to get to know your style preferences and needs, and can even sketch out some options for you.

Design selection: Some of our clients are able to make a final decision simply based off of the designer sketches (we’ll always send a more accurate computerized drawing before production) but we understand if you need more examples to make a decision. We’ll help you come to a design decision that you’ll love for years.

Glass selection: In entryways in particular, privacy can be an issue. We offer some fantastic textured glass options that you can use to create a look that complements the style of your home, allows natural light in, but keeps peeking eyes out. Our designers always keep glass samples with them!

San Antonio Stained Glass Entryways

Production: Every client that we work with has their window custom made, by hand to fit into your windows perfectly. Our builders are experienced, and you can count on them to create a window that will stand the test of time in your entryway.

Installation: We offer several methods of installation as we know that many of our clients require different options. We’ll help you determine the most appropriate installation methods for your home.

Once your stained glass entryway is installed, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. The entryway to your home is the first impression for visitors, so why not make it a great one? We offer completely custom windows to meet your style preferences, modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, allowing you to express yourself in yet another way within your home.

If you have any questions about our products, our process, or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, contact us via phone or email today! We are always happy to answer any initial questions that you may have, and we can’t wait to begin the process for your San Antonio entryway right away!

Hallway Stained Glass Windows

Hallway windows and other oddly placed windows can sometimes present a number of problems. You may have a window that allows a clear view into your home from neighbors or a nearby street, and while it may not always seem like a problem, privacy can sometimes become an issue in these areas.

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Stained Glass Sidelights, San Antonio’s Solution for Elegant Entryways That Let the Sunshine In

Of course you value your privacy highly. Don’t we all? In fact, the need for privacy is one of the reasons home ownership is so important in San Antonio and around Texas. What happens when the desire for privacy and the desire for sunlight inside your home clash?

Many San Antonio homes have a front door surrounded by sidelights on either side. These sidelights are a pretty design feature that add interest to your entryway and let light into what might be a dark corner of your home. Frequently, foyers, vestibules, and front hallways are cramped and dark, and the sun shooting in through the sidelights makes a welcome burst of light in that area. This is especially important if your door is solid wood with no glass panel that lets any light through. (But we hope you at least have a peephole!)

Why Stained Glass Sidelights, San Antonio?

The only downside to those sidelights in your entryway? They allow people who come to your front door to look inside your home, whether you are home or not, whether you want them to or not. Perhaps this is not the world’s greatest invasion of privacy, but if it bothers you—what can you do about it? We’ve seen people who painted over these windows (rather drastic) and taped paper over them (just plain ugly, wouldn’t you agree?). Both of these privacy solutions completely block the natural light from entering the area, making a dark corner even darker. Isn’t it lovely to walk into a lovely, sunlight entrance to a home?

San Antonio Stained Glass Entryways

We believe that the best solution is installing custom stained glass sidelights. Whether you choose colored or clear, frosted stained glass sidelights, San Antonio homes will have more privacy, let the light in, and add value and aesthetic appeal.

When we say custom, people automatically think expensive, don’t they? But our San Antonio customers are usually very pleased with both our pricing and the craftsmanship in our beautiful stained glass sidelights.

You might even want to consider adding a stained glass panel in your front door to match the sidelights. This creates a striking entrance to your home that says class and great taste! After all, your entryway is people’s first impression of your home. Why not go all out, Texas style, and make it as stunning as possible?

Take a look at some of the gorgeous stained glass sidelights and entryways we’ve done for other delighted customers right here.

Enhance your privacy, beautify your entryway, add value to your home, and let the sunshine in with custom designed, stained glass sidelights, San Antonio! Yes, we’re talking to you!

Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your San Antonio Home with Scottish Stained Glass

In many of San Antionio's suburbs there are sidelights, bathroom, and hallway windows that let natural light to flow into your home. However with this natural light comes the ability for people to stare through your windows. Someone at your front door can see if you are home and your bathroom windows often face your neighbors. Scottish Stained Glass offers your an ideal solution, allowing your to add custom designed stained glass to your San Antonio home. Our solutions offer privacy and elegance, withouth blocking the natural light. The premier residential stained glass provider in the country, Scottish Stained Glass now operates locally in San Antonio. We come to your home or office, get a feel for your design taste and your project needs, and then design a beautiful piece of custom art work that works perfectly in your space.
We can also repair and restore older windows, bringing them back to their previous brilliance. Our specialities include restoring the art nouveau, prarie, frank llyod wright, and victorian stained glass that is often placed prominantly in older home. Whether you are looking for new or restored stained glass, you've found the right company. We live and breath stained glass and would love the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us today!