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Stained Glass Repair And Restoration

Can Restoring Stained Glass Pay For Itself?

On 24, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgsaadmin

It’s not uncommon for churches to have concerns about the cost of stained glass restoration. After all, many churches rely on donations from their members to support operational expenses. The total cost of repair may exceed what a church can afford initially. Here, the church board wonders, is it worth the expense?

Turns out, stained glass restoration for your San Antonio church may end up paying for itself. Many churches are able to procure the necessary funds through fundraising. And in the end, the repairs end up benefiting the church financially.

Confused? Let us explain.

Stained Glass Restoration: Is It Worth It?

It’s not unusual for a church stained glass restoration project in San Antonio to cost anywhere from $25,000 or more. You have to consider the incredible skill and knowledge required to repair something as intricate as a stained glass window. Furthermore, the materials themselves are quite pricey, and may even need to be custom manufactured.

However, in the end, many churches decide to proceed with the plans. You may wonder, why do they do this if it’s so expensive? How do they justify operating so far out of their usual budget? The answer is, the investment ends up being more than worth it in the end.

Repairs Pay Off in the End

Yes, repairs will require your church to hire a professional and pay a large deposit. But in the end, the repairs may pay off. You see, when you improve something like stained glass, the value of a property goes up exponentially.

Chances are, your church group won’t stay in the same building forever. You’ll grow and need a larger facility. When this happens, you’ll need to sell your property. But if you fix the stained glass, you’ll make a much larger profit from the exchange. In this way, the repairs almost pay for themselves.

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