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Monthly Feature: Church Stained Glass Restoration Project

On 02, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

We recently finished another successful church stained glass restoration project at The Rising Church. This community church is located in Arvada, CO, and is known for its leading homeless outreach through food banks and other support systems. One evening, someone walking by the church thought they overheard noises coming from inside. They decided to throw rocks through the stained glass windows in order to stop the commotion. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone inside getting hurt but the result was almost all of the windows were damaged.

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process for the Rising Church

These original windows were built in 1913 and featured both panels and hand-painted glass. We transported about 90% of the windows back to our studio for full restoration. We began by dismantling the windows and replacing all damaged glass pieces with ones from our inventory. In order to achieve a 100% color match, we also used custom glass manufacturing. For the hand-painted pieces, an invisible glass mending process was used so we could keep as much of the original as possible. New lead cames were built for all the windows as well. The original windows had missing framing since they didn’t fit the church window frames. We resized these windows and shaved parts of them down on-site to ensure proper structural integrity. During reinstallation, the window frames were also painted on the exterior to create a more modernized look. Custom vented polycarbonate was also added for protection.

Work With San Antonio’s Premier Church Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Stained Glass San Antonio is honored to be the premier church stained glass restoration studio serving the state of Texas and the nation. Our experienced team is always available for assessments and to help guide you through your next restoration project. For more information regarding church stained glass restoration, please contact us!

Martin Faith is a stained glass artisan from Glasgow and a collector of rare and antique stained glass windows. Martin has spent over 30 years perfecting his skills as a glassmaker and is well-versed in both traditional and modern techniques, as well as a range of stained glass styles, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Prairie, Mission, and beveled glass. Shortly after moving to the United States, Martin started his own business selling stained glass windows. Stained Glass San Antonio has produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows and successfully completed hundreds of religious glass restoration projects for churches.