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Signs Your Home’s Stained Glass May Need Repair Or Replacement

On 14, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgsaadmin

How To Spot Damage In Your San Antonio Home’s Stained Glass Windows

The nation’s stained glass and leaded glass nearing or already at the 100th-anniversary mark, which is right around the time-stained glass needs full restoration barring any unforeseen problems due to accidental breakage or less than perfect craftsmanship. So, in order to have the best, brightest and most beautiful stained glass in your San Antonio home, proper and timely care is essential. However, just because your glass is old, does not mean it needs restoration so– when it is time to have your home’s stained glass cleaned or repaired and how can you tell? Below are some things to look for in your aging stained glass windows to give you an idea of whether or not it needs repair or simply cleaned.

Look For Deterioration On Your Stained Glass

The stained glass on your window is fairly durable and relatively immune to natural deterioration like aging. In fact, American glass, in particular, is very stable because of the composition of the glass. But Make no mistake– this does not mean the glass cannot be damaged over time. One obvious sign the glass in your San Antonio home needs are scratches and abrasions–which can impede the clarity of your glass. Chemical agents and smog build up on your glass over time–making it look dingy and dated. These signs of deterioration are apparent by windows that lack shine or tiny cracks and chips in the glass. Broken panels are a sure sign of deterioration and are much more sinister since they can lead to the break down of the entire structure. If your stained glass has broken glass or missing panels, it is for sure time to have it restored, lest more damage ensues.

Look For Structural Deterioration On Your Stained Glass

The most common way leaded stained glass breaks down is through the skeletal structure that holds the glass place. The frame itself or the leaded caming that hold the individual pieces of glass in place starts to rot, deteriorate or sag. When frames fail it is apparent by the sagging frame, missing leading and even the cracking of glass near or connected to the frame. This type of damage absolutely needs to be taken care of immediately because the stained glass could fall out from simple wind pressure or vibration.

Look For Signs Your Stained Glass Is Dirty Or Needs Cleaning

Sometimes stained glass, even very old stained glass, is perfectly fine and just needs a good professional cleaning to take it back to its original shine. This is because, over time dirt, soot, and grime build up on both sides of the glass from pollution, smoke, and oxidation. It is important to have a professional stained glass company do the cleaning since overly aggressive cleaning with the wrong chemicals will cause damage and loss of clarity. Regular cleaning is also necessary to avoid build-up of chemicals or air pollutants which, if left on too long make the cleaning much more difficult and time-consuming and carries less risk of long-term damage.

See more about stained glass repair and cleaning in the video below:

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