5 Places Greene and Greene Inspired Stained Glass Can Look Great in Your San Antonio Home

greene and greene stained glass san antonio

5 Places Greene and Greene Inspired Stained Glass Can Look Great in Your San Antonio Home

Greene and Greene stained glass in highly popular in many San Antonio craftsman homes and it’s easy to see why. Characterized by warm copper and sage colors and created with captivating nature theme designs, these windows are an attention-getter that make an attractive addition to any home. They look beautiful in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways alike. Not to mention, they serve as an homage to some of the most brilliant architects to have ever existed in the United States.

About the Greene Brothers

The Greene brothers, Charles and Henry, were born in Brighton, Ohio. However, the two spent much of their childhood roaming about on their mother’s family’s farm in West Virgina. It was during this time that they developed a deep love and appreciation for the beauty of nature. Later on, they were urged by their father, a holistic doctor, to attend architecture school at MIT. After graduating, the brothers joined their parents in California, where they had moved some years earlier. It was during this experience that the Greene brothers got their first glimpse of Japanese architecture, which would also play a large role in their future projects.

Characteristics of Greene and Greene Stained Glass

Greene and Greene stained glass has a very distinct appearance. Images of nature are frequently incorporated into the design of the windows, some of which include subjects such as the bonsai tree, flowers, vines, and berries. Another characteristic of Greene and Greene stained glass is copper foiling. By placing a piece of copper or gold colored glass between two pieces of iridescent glass, a shimmering effect is created.

5 Great Applications for Greene and Greene Stained Glass in Your Home

Greene and Greene glass looks beautiful in almost any room of your home. To give you some ideas about where you might considering installing Greene and Greene stained glass, we’ve put together this list of our five favorite applications:

1. Entryway doors and windows

greene and greene entry
photo credit: http://grainger-arts-and-crafts-studio.com/2012/10/progression-greene-and-greene-stained-glass/

2. Kitchen and dining

greene and greene dining
photo credit: http://www.thecraftsmanbungalow.com/gamble-house/

3. Bathroom

greene and greene bathroom
photo credit: http://la.curbed.com/2012/9/19/10327636/greene-greenes-1905-halsted-house-in-pasadena-up-for-sale

4. Cabinets

greene and greene cabinets
photo credit: http://innerspaceinteriordesign.com/tag/greene-greene/

5. Transoms

greene and greene transoms
photo credit: http://www.thecraftsmanbungalow.com/greene-and-greene-bolton-house/

Greene and Greene Stained Glass from San Antonio’s Favorite Artisans

Get your very own Greene and Greene inspired stained glass window. Call Stained Glass San Antonio to talk to a stained glass designer about how you can have one of these beautiful works of art in your home.

Martin Faith is a stained glass artisan from Glasgow and a collector of rare and antique stained glass windows. Martin has spent over 30 years perfecting his skills as a glassmaker and is well-versed in both traditional and modern techniques, as well as a range of stained glass styles, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Prairie, Mission, and beveled glass. Shortly after moving to the United States, Martin started his own business selling stained glass windows. Stained Glass San Antonio has produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows and successfully completed hundreds of religious glass restoration projects for churches.

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