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Stained Glass Benefits

Want A Higher Resale Value On Your San Antonio Home? Install Stained Glass!

On 28, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By sgsaadmin

Elegance and style are two things you look for in a home improvement project for your San Antonio home and there is no match for stained and/or leaded glass to achieve this. The overt beauty of stained glass makes that clear. It is easy to see from the luxurious lines and attractive patterns that these pieces of art will be a lovely addition to any home. Similarly, their function is very apparent too– adding privacy and a definitive touch of class to any part of your San Antonio home. Although both the beauty and practicality of stained and leaded glass windows are something our future clients readily understand, one thing they often don’t realize is–the high-value impact these windows have on resale value–real and perceived. This means, should you ever decide to put stained or leaded glass in your San Antonio home the price bump you get from your custom stained glass window(s) will pay off immensely!

How Does Stained Glass Affect The Value Of My San Antonio Home?

The way stained glass increases the value of your San Antonio home is two-part.

Real Value: It is simple to understand how stained glass directly affects your home’s resale value. Basically, a stained glass window appraises for much more per square foot than what you originally paid for the window per square foot. The multiplier is actually larger than you might expect too–sometimes as high as 10X what you originally paid. So, for example, if you paid $600 for a stained glass window, it could appraise for as much as $6000 when you go to sell–that is an amazing ROI!

Perceived Value: Stained and leaded glass affects the perceived value of your San Antonio home by making your home appear more attractive and thereby more valuable to potential buyers.

In short, stained and leaded glass will:
-Draw attention to glass and away from other imperfections in your home
-Make your home appear vintage and classy
-Make a great first impression on potential buyers
-Make your home stand out from other houses at similar price points

It is for these reasons stained glass provides a significant increase in perceived value of your home, increased curb appeal and a speedy sale. Not too shabby for a relatively small investment to begin with!

If you are interested in exploring the endless beautiful options of stained glass for your San Antonio home or are interested in finding out more about how stained and leaded glass affects resale value, contact Stained Glass San Antonio today!