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Residential Stained Glass

Stained Glass Inserts: Beautiful And Easy To Install

On 20, Feb 2018 | No Comments | In Residential Stained Glass | By sgsaadmin

How Our Stained And Leaded Glass Inserts make adding Decorative Glass to your San Antonio Home an Easy Process

A lot of homeowners looking for an elegant design addition to their home consider stained glass but are hesitant to pull the trigger because of what they perceive to be a long, drawn-out process or great expense.   As far as expense is concerned, it is true, stained glass is a home improvement with a higher initial investment than others in its category but when it comes to selling your San Antonio home, it could yield as much as 10x your initial investment–which makes it well worth it.  As for the perception of stained glass having a lengthy and difficult install, nothing could not be further from the truth. In fact, homeowners in San Antonio will be surprised to discover, stained glass can be installed by Stained Glass San Antonio by way of leaded glass inserts in as little as an hour.  This method is simple, speedy and looks just as good as any other stained glass installation method.

What are Stained And Leaded Glass Inserts?

Stained and leaded glass inserts are essentially stained glass and lead panels which we construct in our workshop and then install onto your home’s window frames.  These beautiful, stained glass panels bond directly to the existing window frame of your home and are as lovely as they are easy to install on your San Antonio home.

What is the installation process for stained and leaded glass inserts?

For bonded stained glass inserts the process is very easy and efficient and therefore can be installed in less than a day. First, the glass is cleaned of all debris, dust, and fingerprints to ensure a strong bond and perfect clarity.  Special care is taken not to soak the frame of the window because this could lead to moisture trapped underneath the glass.  After an initial dry fit to make sure the window fits tightly the window we created at our stained glass workshop is installed with the bevel side facing out toward the installer.  This is done using specially formulated l ¼” or ½”high-bond tape.  Next, the window frame is carefully masked off and caulk is applied to the tiny gap between the stained glass window to adhere it permanently or unless removed by a trained professional.

1-2-3–Its as simple as that!  This speedy application leaves you with a gorgeous stained glass window to give your home the character and charm you have always wanted.

You can watch our installation video here.

For more information on how you can have a stained glass window of your very own, Contact Stained Glass San Antonio today!