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Custom Stained Glass

How to Create a Customized Look for Your San Antonio Home with Stained Glass San Antonio

On 31, Jul 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By sgsaadmin

The idea that stained glass is only for churches is a common misconception. Stained glass has actually been used for homes for quite some time. Famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene Brothers are known for using stained glass to create their beautiful designs for bungalows and craftsman homes, now which are scattered all across the Midwest and the Pacific Coast.

Stained glass has a unique ability to control the way that light enters your home. While some areas of the glass allow light to enter through freely, others partially obstruct it. In this manner, architects and designers are actually able to control where the light shines in a room and draw attention to specific architectural features.

In fact, there are many interesting and unique ways that you can enhance the look of your San Antonio home with stained glass. Below, we’ve outlined a few.

Stunning Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your San Antonio Home

No matter what style of home you own, or where it’s located, whether it’s the historic corridors of Tobin Hill or the quiet suburbs of Alamo Heights, there are many interesting and tasteful ways to use stained glass to enhance your home and up its curb appeal.

1. Make a knockout impression with entryway stained glass.
Make a positive impression on everyone who walks through your door with a stained glass window with matching sidelights and transoms for your entryway.

2. Create a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom.
Relax in divine luxury with stained glass inserts for your bathroom windows, shower door, or cabinets.


3. Take your grand staircase to a whole new level.
Draw attention to the height and beauty of your grand staircase with a stained glass window that compliments it perfectly.

Speak to a Designer About Your Ideas

Turn your dream home into a reality. Beautify your home by adding light and color with a stunning stained glass window. Call Stained Glass San Antonio today to speak to a professional designer about your ideas.