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Church Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Church stained glass can become an important part of the worship experience for many church-goers, who find it inspirational and uplifting. Although stained glass has been popular in churches around the world for centuries, it surged in popularity here in the United States around one hundred or so years ago.

That means that many church stained glass windows are antiques, and might be in need of either repair or restoration at this point. Here at Stained Glass San Antonio, we have developed special techniques to restore these magnificent windows back to their original beauty, and to ensure that they will last another hundred years or even more, continuing to inspire and enlighten.

Does a church stained glass window need repair or a full restoration?
This depends upon the type and the extent of the damage. If a window has one or two cracked panes of glass, and needs a thorough cleaning and polishing to bring it back to life, that would be a repair job.

Restoration is necessary when there is more extensive damage. The damage we see to church stained glass usually comes in the form of the lead strips that hold it all together. Over the decades, the lead can become brittle. It can warp or bend beneath the weight of the stained glass window and the pull of gravity. It can deteriorate due to extensive heat buildup that occurs when a sheet of plexiglass has been placed over the window, in a misguided attempt to protect the stained glass from vandalism or the Texas elements. Unfortunately, this plexiglass scenario is all too common.

Church Stained Glass San Antonio

If a large, heavy stained glass window does start to sag or bow, the structural pressures can cause the glass to start cracking or even falling out of the window, a potentially dangerous situation. If you are aware of any of these “symptoms” we suggest you contact us immediately, because they will only increase over time.

To bring a damaged stained glass window back to life, to give it another century or more, is a true honor! We greatly value the talent and craftsmanship of the stained glass artisans who worked to make these beautiful and inspirational creations. If the cost of a large restoration is an issue, please talk to us about how we might be able to help with fundraising for the project.

To restore a window, it must be removed and brought to our stained glass studio. The piece is soaked in a special cleaning solution, to remove decades of grime and other stuck on substances. It is disassembled, piece by piece. The missing or damaged pieces are replaced, using matching glass that we can source from all over the globe if necessary. And then it is reassembled, with brand new lead that is frequently fortified on the inside for greater strength.,/

When we reinstall the restored church stained glass window or other panel, we will protect it with two clear panes of glass, that will protect it from the elements and give it greater thermal efficiency at the same time.

For more information about church stained glass restoration and repair, San Antonio or across the state of Texas, please contact us today.