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Beautiful Uses for Stained Glass in Your San Antonio Home

Of all the art forms in the world, stained glass windows are by far some of the most beautiful and alluring. Each window is tediously assembled together piece by piece, then painted and polished to perfection. The artists spend countless hours creating their masterpieces, first selecting each piece of glass by hand, then bringing the entire work together in a wondrously intricate design.

Now, thanks to modern innovations, you can have a stained glass window made for your very own home. Below, we’ve discussed some beautiful ways to use stained glass in your San Antonio property. Read more…



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In Residential Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Stained Glass Inserts: Beautiful And Easy To Install

On 20, Feb 2018 | No Comments | In Residential Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

How Our Stained And Leaded Glass Inserts make adding Decorative Glass to your San Antonio Home an Easy Process

A lot of homeowners looking for an elegant design addition to their home consider stained glass but are hesitant to pull the trigger because of what they perceive to be a long, drawn-out process or great expense.   As far as expense is concerned, it is true, stained glass is a home improvement with a higher initial investment than others in its category but when it comes to selling your San Antonio home, it could yield as much as 10x your initial investment–which makes it well worth it.  As for the perception of stained glass having a lengthy and difficult install, nothing could not be further from the truth. In fact, homeowners in San Antonio will be surprised to discover, stained glass can be installed by Stained Glass San Antonio by way of leaded glass inserts in as little as an hour.  This method is simple, speedy and looks just as good as any other stained glass installation method.
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