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Modern Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

3 Modern Stained Glass Ideas for Any Home

On 12, Aug 2021 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Modern Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

More and more people are opting for stained glass windows in their San Antonio homes. Modern stained glass is a versatile design element that can be used to create vibrant artwork or subtle, elegant designs with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you have an old Victorian house or a modern high-rise condo; there’s a perfect fit out there just waiting for you!

Trending Stained Glass Styles

If you’re looking for a modern stained glass window design that looks great in nearly any home, these three styles are sure to please.  Read on to find your perfect modern stained glass match.

Monochromatic Stained Glass For a Modern Flair

Sometimes less is more. Using monochromatic stained glass windows instead of a rainbow of colors can really make your San Antonio home window pop.  Plus, monochromatic color palettes never go out of style.  So, whether you want to match the decor or contrast it, this subtle but gorgeous design choice will delight you for years to come!

Crystal Clear And Textured Stained Glass

One of the most iconic styles for stained glass windows is a mix of clear, textured, and beveled pieces. This type of stained glass is not only modern but also gets you maximum privacy without sacrificing natural light. The best part? Clear, textured, or beveled will work with any color room– elegant white to bold blue and beyond.

Geometric Stained Glass That Never Ages

Splashes of color and geometric patterns are in style right now for stained glass.  The interesting thing about these types of modern stained glass windows is that they are actually retro.  Geometric stained glass goes at least as far back as the Art Nouveau movement but likely much farther in one way or another. So, not only are these modern geometric patterns interesting and great for privacy but are also timeless.

Interested in finding a modern stained glass window in your San Antonio home? Reach out to us today for a free design consultation!